Cloud Hosting

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Whether you are looking to host a website or full scale application, Fleck Teck is ready to get you up and running in the cloud!

How does it work?

Fleck Teck has several years experience with cloud computing applications, specifically in Amazon Web Services. Cloud applications can range from something as simple as a static website, up to multi-layer applications containing data that require the utmost security, availability, and reliability. Fleck Teck is willing and ready to work with you to get your application running however you need.

What is Fleck Teck's Focus?

At Fleck Teck, we understand that it is important for your cloud application to be online, fast, and secure. We focus on several key things:

  • Security: Keep peace of mind knowing that your data and applications are securely hosted.
  • Availability: The cloud provides limitless possibilities to ensure your application is up and running, no matter how many users are connected to it.
  • Scalability: Business growing? Let your application grow with you, in many cases this process can be handled automatically!
  • Speed: It is important for your application to respond quickly at all times.
  • Never Overloaded: Between high bandwidth availability and advanced load balancing, rest assured your application is ready to handle traffic.

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